Terapi air putih untuk kanker

Water therapy for cancer



Water therapy can treat cancer. Moreover, the produced water from   a bottle of water dr therapy . It is well known that water is a drug that is very effective in curing various health complaints in humans. Not only the daily illnesses such as flu and colds, water is also very able to treat some serious illness that usually leads to death of the patient. And one of the most deadly diseases other than heart attack so far is cancer. Cancer as the sixth leading cause of death in the world.

To avoid and treat cancer, regular consumption of water resulting from drink bottles health dr water   , produced water containing  water hydrogen active to provide the needs of anti-oxidants that high any time to mengankal free radicals and prevent cancer, Alkaline Water which neutralize acidity levels in the body and maintain the pH balance of the body, as well as micro-cluster contains particles that can absorb up to a cell nucleus at the DNA level and accelerate the regeneration of cells – the cells of the body, including to prevent and cope with diabetes.  Water from Dr water  no less great with medication or cancer treatment method such as komoterapi, surgery, and biopsies, and certainly safer and more efficient. For this reason, it is quite drink water from bottle diabetes therapy dr water  consumption of the white water was at least 8-10 glasses per day (approximately 5-6 btl From the research, it is evident that the water from a bottle of diabetes and cancer therapy dr + water is also able to ward off some cancers, including breast cancer, because basically water therapy of bottled therapy dr water it is as anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and anti-cancer. in addition, water helps slow the growth of cells cause cancer.

Typically, water therapy of  Bottle diabetes therapy dr + water  which is devoted to the treatment of cancer run for 180 days. White water from  bottle diabetes therapy dr + water   is to be consumed, can be warm or cold water as we used to drink water after eating.

Even among us has anyone done treatment with water before, we remain encouraged to drink water as much as possible so that cancer cells that have been destroyed and blood poisoning. This therapy also serves to remove the remnants of digestion and toxins through the sewer like urine (the urethra), bowel, and others.

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